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The Indian English – “let’s discuss about it”

2 signs: "English of India" and "Do the needful"

source: Flickr creative commons; Meanest Indian,

India has 22 official languages – from Assamese and Hindi to Malayalam and Urdu.  Additionally a lot of Indians speak English.

India is a huge country and sometimes even Indians don’t understand each other. One day I met an Indian couple, who talked in English because they didn’t understand each others local language.

So a lot of Indians speak a couple of regional languages – and English words are all over anyway. When I tried to learn the names of colours in Hindi, my Indian friends were laughing at me: Laal for red and safed for white, okay, but narangi for orange or baingani for purple – no one is using that. Nouns like table and chair are also more common in English than in Hindi.

English is being taught at school and a lot of TV programs are either from English speaking countries or Indian channels in English language.

But besides the strong Indian accent, including the rolling r, most Indians have – there are also common phrases in India that are actually not existing or wrong in proper English language. CNN Travel collected some of the best pgrases and calls them “Indianisms”, for example: discuss about, order for and prepone.

Enjoy reading the full article

While searching for more, I also came along this older, but still very entertaining article:




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