Vishwaroopam – film ban in India

Vishwaroopam movie posterIndians are crazy about movies. The country is the world’s largest film producer – just Bollywood releases around more than 1000 movies per year. Additionally various regional film markets produce big and low budget movies. Indians just love their movies, their stars and the entertainment.

Now a movie called Vishwaroopam (Tamil Version) is causing trouble. It is a 2013 released Indian spy thriller, directed and co-produced by Kamal Hasaan. The film released worldwide on 25th of January. Only Tamil Nadu imposed a ban on the movie, because Muslim groups complained, that some scenes depict the Quran. Now talks are being held to finally release the movie.

The release of the Hindi version, Vishwaroop, was held without any incidents.

And to be honest: Isn’t it always the forbidden, that gets our interest? Everyone talks about the movie and its possibly insulting scenes and when it finally gets released in Tamil Nadu – probably even more people want to watch it, just to see if the ban was legitimate.

Update  (6.2.2013): Finally the muslim groups and Kamal Haasan agreed on editing some scenes of the movie and now it can be released.

Here’s another good article about the film ban and its reasons from Reuters India Blog: ‘Vishwaroopam’ and Tamil Nadu’s cinema of politics (7.2.1013)

Vishwaroopam film ban – Here a storify what happened so far:

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  1. Chandra Haasan says tat he cannot make decisions on trimming the 9 minute portions on Vishwaroopam
  2. #Vishwaroopam cleared by Singapore censors . Houseful shows started from Thursday evening.

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